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Women's Golf Shoes

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Golf Shoes for Women

If you’re a fan of golf, like we are, you need shoes that are both comfortable and supportive for the long walks down the back 9. If you’re playing a long game of 18 holes, the last thing you need when you reach the 19th hole is sore feet and blisters. Trust New Balance to give you women’s golf shoes that keep you grounded, supported and comfortable.

Keep your feet during the backswing.

Specially designed soles to give you just enough grip for when you unleash your 3 wood, yet won’t dimple the green when you’re lining up for your birdie putt.

Style and comfort with a modern design.

Classic colours, modern lines, these New Balance golf shoes are itching for a walk on the fairway, not the rough.
They might not lower your handicap, but they will make the journey a lot comfier.