Every bat should be either oiled and/or have Anti Scuff Extratec Tape allied as a protection sheet applied (if not already). Toe Protection is also advised and be considered before match use


To apply, use a cloth & 10 cent coin worth of Oil. Generally, 3-4 initial light coats of good quality Raw Linseed oil. Do not over-oil. Over-oiling the bat can ruin the response.

Bat oil protects the bat - mostly from rain and banging the bat down of the toe on a wet wicket. Oiling also helps maintain the natural moisture levels in the bat.

Oiling makes the fibres of the wood pliable and resistant to cracking.

Apply oil lightly to the Face, Edges, Toe & Blade of the Cricket Bat avoiding splice & any Labels / stickers


Knocking -In is the process by which the willow is compressed & strengthened to prepare for match use

This process compresses and knits together the fibres of the willow to help prevent damage and prolong the lifespan.

Use a good quality old ball in a sock or knocking in mallet. It’s recommended not to use a new ball

There are 4 areas that need to be prepared during Knocking – in Face , Toe & each Edge

Start gently and each day increase the pressure slightly as the wood in the blade compresses.

30 minutes a day for 10 days should suffice - but the longer the better with up to 16 hrs in total recommended


Reinforcing with a plastic sheet (Anti Scuff Extratec) is very advantageous. It prolongs lifespan and strengthens edges as well as maintaining the general health of the face of the bat.

Over time, cracks will appear on the surface – this is normal. Lightly sand the surface and re-apply oil. Attend to any minor damage as a priority.

Avoid the bat coming in to contact with any water. Water will create swelling and cracking


Always store your bat in a cool, dry atmosphere.


As the bat is made from natural materials, the condition of the bat will deteriorate during usage.

Striking the ball near the edges, toe and shoulder of the bat can cause accelerated damage to the bat. This is not a manufacturing flaw

This bat carries a 12-month workmanship warranty against damage deemed to be a manufacturing fault and no fault of the consumer. Please retain sales receipts /bank statement

No warranty will apply should the bat not have been properly cared for and we will always assess your claim in adherence of the Australian Consumer Law.