From '89 with love.

Never reproduced after its initial release in 1989, the legendary 550 returns and continues to be an international wardrobe staple thanks to its iconic design. A true basketball and streetwear staple, this simple and timeless design will pair with your favorite outfits for years to come.

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From Pro Ball to the Streets

It's like the ‘80s and '90s all over again with our line of basketball gear. We're taking you back to a time when Thunder vs Jacks was in full swing, and players wore their teams' uniforms on court or street instead of designer suits! Made for those who know how good real quality looks - Like us!

The 550s are constructed with leather, synthetic and mesh upper for durability.

Behind the Design

A nod to the classic status of the New Balance 550, Teddy Santis, founder of Aime Leon Dore, reintroduced the silhouette with off-white premium leather and midsoles that had a somewhat yellowed, aged look.