Responsible Leadership

We are catalysts for movement.
Working together. Building momentum.
This is how we move.
For over 100 years New Balance
has worked to move the world around us
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Philanthropy & Community

New Balance Associates donated over 4,500 hours on service projects in 2011.
Moving Forward, Giving Back

Environmental Initiatives

Our shoe box materials are made from 100% recycled paper and 100% soy-based inks.
Moving the Environment Forward

Investing in

New Balance associates receive up to 24 hours of job training every year.
Moving Forward Together
"With our first effort to publicly showcase our Responsible Leadership efforts, we share with you our journey that has brought us where we are today. Enjoy this exploration of our history and blueprint for our future. First and foremost, this report was developed for you. Join us in moving the world".
Jim and Anne Davis.

It is with great pleasure that New Balance presents its first comprehensive Responsible Leadership report. The full report dives deep into NB's history, culture and values. It also provides vision and initiatives for our global sustainability, social and community efforts.

Since our beginning in 1906, and with our first pair of running shoes in 1938, New Balance has been committed to moving the world physically, emotionally and intellectually. With over 4,100 associates worldwide, and New Balance product available in over 120 countries, we strive to make an impact in three broad areas. Our global responsible leadership movement is based on our company and our associates giving back, moving the environment forward and encouraging people to act as catalysts and coaches.

Jim & Anne Davis
Moving Forward/Giving Back:

Our Philanthropy & Community. Driving sustainable change through giving, grants and volunteerism in the global communities we serve.

Moving the Environment Forward:

Environmentally Sustaining Product and Facilities. Treading lightly on limited resources, striving for zero waste in what we do, and what we make, and assessing the lifecycle impacts of our products and activities.

Moving Forward Together:

Investments in People. Creating a safe and healthy work environment that fosters learning and development, advances sustainable business practices, operates with integrity and humanity and contributes to the health and wellbeing of our consumers and communities.

Made to Love - 2012 Responsible Leadership Report
Download the definitive resource for all of New Balance's efforts in moving the world forward.

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New Balance owners Jim and Anne Davis lead with their core belief
"Let's challenge the conventions of the industry"
The company's vision of corporate social responsibility has grown authentically from the way we have always conducted business. We have a long history of working to create an environment that our associates value, giving back to the communities in which we operate and manufacture. While we believe we have accomplished much in our more than 100 years of operation, we acknowledge that there is much to learn from our peers in the footwear and apparel industries, as well as from corporate sustainability leaders across the globe.

Responsible Leadership Steering Committee

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